What Type of Gear Do I Shoot With?

As a professional photographer, having the right equipment is essential to capturing the perfect shot.

I use the Nikon Z6II and a Nikon Z7II as my primary camera bodies. These mirrorless cameras allow me to see what my image will look like before I take the shot, allowing me to make quick adjustments and capture the perfect moment.

One of my favourite lenses is the 70-200mm 2.8. This lens is perfect for creating space between me and my subject and producing beautiful bokeh. It’s great for portraits, sports, and wildlife photography. I’m also looking to add an 85mm lens to my kit, which is perfect for portraits and can create stunning background blur.

Another important feature for me is the dual card slots in my camera bodies. This ensures that I have a backup of all my images, which is essential for any professional photographer. I always shoot in RAW format, which produces large file sizes, so having the backup card slot gives me peace of mind that I won’t lose any valuable images.

In addition to my camera and lenses, I also bring external lights to make my subjects pop. However, this can be dependent on the subject’s comfort level, especially when photographing animals such as horses. I always ensure that my subjects are comfortable and not overwhelmed by the equipment, which allows me to capture more natural and genuine shots.

Having the right equipment is crucial for any professional photographer. The Nikon Z6II and Nikon Z7II, along with my favourite lenses and external lights, help me to capture stunning and unique images. I am constantly striving to improve my skills and equipment, ensuring that I am always ready to capture the perfect shot.

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