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Capture Your Bond For Life

Every horse girl understands the unbreakable connection that develops with a heart horse. It’s a unique and profound bond that goes beyond words, woven together by trust, companionship, and shared adventures. Your heart horse holds a special place in your heart, and the moments you spend together are nothing short of magical.

It’s a special bond, and one that deserves to be captured and preserved for life. With an equine portrait session, we’ll come together to celebrate everything that makes you and your horse special. 

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What to Expect


understanding you & Your horse

The first step is to understand your equine partner is to establish a genuine connection and understand your relationship with your horse! Every partnership has a unique story that I am honored to capture!


Your Session

The photo shoot is where the magic happens! It’s a fun and easy going experience where the rider and the horse(s) comfort comes first! With a relaxed and fun atmosphere, we capture authentic moments that truly represent your unique relationship.


proofs and Delivery

After the photoshoot, you will receive a proof gallery where you can select your images. You have the freedom to choose the photos that best represent you and your horse(s).

Package Options

Each portrait session is an exclusive and personal experience designed to truly understand and capture the relationship between you and your heart horse(s).

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