Remarkable Weekend at the Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event: A Recap

Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event

Last weekend was something special at the Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event.

With the sun shining bright, we witnessed some incredible talent on display, with riders like Jessica Phoenix representing Canada and Yasmin Ingham from the UK stealing the show. And let’s not forget the stellar performance of Oliver Townend, who took home the top prize.

Watching these riders and their horses tackle challenging obstacles was truly mesmerizing. The bond between them was evident in every jump and every stride. It was so exciting capturing images from this weekend’s competition. It was a weekend filled with sun, camaraderie, and amazing competition.

I am already excited to go back next year and truly enjoyed being a tourist this weekend and capturing the magic of this sport.

The Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event isn’t just about the competition; it’s an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Here’s to another unforgettable weekend and the memories we’ll cherish until next year’s event rolls around!

Check out a few of my favourite images from the weekend!

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